We believe that the best ideas should always win.

But even the greatest, world changing vision requires

strategic planning, resources, and execution to hit its mark.


We are a 360 Integrated Consulting Firm

providing a full suite of services across:

Corporate Strategy; Operations; R&D;

Marketing; Products and Services;

Business Development; and Financing.


Kwasi was the New Media Manager at Sean "Diddy" Combs' Bad Boy Entertainment simultaneously overseeing digital marketing for: Ciroc/Blue Flame, Sean John Fragrance and Bad Boy Entertainment. Throughout Kwasi's storied career, he has led marketing campaigns for A-list artists & brands such as: Jay-Z, Ice Cube, Prince, Pharrell Williams, Wu Tang Clan, LL Cool J, Outkast, Gnarls Barkley, John Legend, Snoop Dogg, Mary J Blige, Ricky Martin, Sony Music and Estee Lauder. Kwasi began his career as an Investment Banker at Citigroup's' Salomon Smith Barney after graduating from The University of Pennsylvania with a degree in International Politics.


Derrick developed data-driven content marketing solutions for major brands and blue chip media firms, such as: American Express, Rockstar Games, XBOX, New Era, Harvard Yard, Yves Saint Laurent, Vibe, Glamour, Vogue, NY Times, Black Eyed Peas, L'Oreal, MTV, NBC, Microsoft, and Madison Square Garden Entertainment. Prior to this, he developed Information Technology solutions for Bloomberg LP; Morgan Stanley; and the United Nations. He was also an international champion for the popular fighting game Tekken. Derrick is an alumni of Cornell University; Prep for Prep; Choate Rosemary Hall; and a Yale University YEI fellow.


Brian is an experienced entreprenuer and investor with ventures across multiple business platforms. Brian is keenly adept at navigating emerging innovative markets, and he develops valuable investment opportunities in industries such as: technology start-ups, real estate, restaurants, night clubs, film, and media. His past and present clients include numerous celebrities and professional athletes. Notably, as an investment banker Brian managed equity and investment portfolio's for Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss and the Buss family.

David Leibowitz, Chairman of Advisory Board
David is the Managing Partner of CH Potomac and the Co-Founder / former Chairman of Verance and President of Verance Digital. He is also the former Executive Vice President / General Counsel of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).
Ted Dhanik, Social Network Advisor
A co-founder of engage:BDR, Inc, Ted serves as President and Exec Vice President of Business Development. From 2003-2008, Ted worked very closely with Myspace.com founders Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson to launch the MySpace brand from its infancy through to its metoeric rise as a leading social network.
Rick Marini, Social Entertainment Advisor
Rick is the Founder / CEO / Chief Connector of BranchOut.com, the leading career networking service on Facebook. He was the Founder / CEO of SuperFan, a successful social games developer. He was also the Co-Founder / Chief Strategist of Tickle.com, a social networking site that focused on personality quizzes, matchmaking and photo-sharing. Tickle was sold to Monster Worldwide for over $100 million.
Hooman Radfar, Social Media Advisor
Hooman is the Founder / CEO of Clearspring Technologies, a world leading viral distribution platform that enables widgets to be shared and distributed across blogging, social networking sites and personal websites. By 2008, Clearspring had aggregated an active user base that generated over 600 million views per month.